Trying to give your work a shamless plug

 How do you sell your work? The thing is, promoting myself doesn’t come easy. Hard to believe given my profession as an advertising copywriter and a brand planner, but there it is.

Give me someone else’s brand/persona/product to promote, and I’m there. But when it comes to yourself, there’s something that makes you hesitate. What do you say? How about, ‘Please, please, please buy my new book, it’s only £0.77 or $0.99’? Or, how about, ‘I’ve written for getting on 17 years now and I’d be just made up if you bought my book and posted a really lovely review’?

Hmm. Twitter and Facebook do make the whole process a lot easier. There are some great people out there who retweet and help each other out. Thank goodness for those nice tweeters. And blogs help, too. Then there are friends and family. But, from what I can gauge so far, the knack seems to be to just tell everyone. I mean everyone. So, that’s what I intend to do. Here I go. I’ll just take a deep breath first…

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