Feeling the need to sell myself, I ended up apologising for any bad reads

Oh my goodness. It is 8pm on a Tuesday evening and I never realised publicising my new book would end up taking over my life. And it has. I am now obsessed with getting the word out. As I sit here, I can feel the skin around my eyes shrivelling from too much staring at the screen. I need a shower, I am hungry, but I cannot stop plugging this book.

Most of today, in between work and trying to write book #2, I have spent on-line trying to drum up support and sales. Oh my days. Twitter has been the main source of my focus. Today, my bright idea was to draw up a list of as many celebrities in the writing, journalism and book world that I could think of in order to tweet each of them. The tweet consisted of: a) I’m a new writer; b) would you read my new book; and c) if you like it, can you tell people. There was a link too, directing them to my Amazon page. I think I may have clogged up everyone’s feed at around 12 noon.

It feels quite strange bombarding everyone in this way. I may be Irish, but I have a strong steel spine of British reserve to which selling myself does not fit up against. One of the mum’s outside the school gates the other day said she had downloaded my book and was looking forward to reading it. So I started saying, ‘Oh crikey, I hope you like it, and if you don’t, I’m sorry.’  At which point my close friend told me off. ‘What are you doing,’ she said, tutting. ‘You have to sell it! If some says, I have downloaded your book, say, great, you’re going to love it. See?’ I nodded. I had a lot to learn.

‘Hey,’ said another mum on my way to the car. ‘Guess what? Downloaded that book today!’ I smiled. ‘Great!’  I said. Then: ‘I hope you like it…Sorry if…I mean, if it’s not your cup of tea!’  Hmm. I’ve not quite got the hang of this.

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