April Fools jokes end up in some mild mannered madness

So, our family April Fools jokes are over, we’re off on holiday in a couple of hours and I can’t wait. I seem, however, to be having some trouble getting the troops moving. The youngest is currently playing her guitar in the lounge the eldest is reading in her room – and my husband is still in bed. Having a break right now has come at a good time. The past week has been hectic and, to be honest, my head is fried. ‘What are those black things under your eyes?’ asks my youngest. I peer into the mirror and pull at my skin. ‘They are my dark circles, honey,’ I reply. But she doesn’t say anything. I turn around and she is already gone. From the lounge, I hear the ping of her guitar.

And so I find myself here, catching up on some last minute inbox sorting and having a small write of my blog. If I think about it, over the past few weeks I’ve met some really nice people via the old blogging thing,  switching on the laptop  and reading messages from folks from all over the world who are writing away about different things. Films, books, turning into our parents – the list goes on. I think that when I leave in an hour or two, I’ll go away with the resolution that, when I come back, I’ll read more blogs and get involved a bit more. That would be nice.

The littlest one is down in the kitchen now with her teddies, and she is beside herself about our holiday. ‘Honey,’ I say, ‘could you just bring the hot cocoa up to your sister while I write this.’ She cocks her head at me and simply says, ‘No.’  My mouth hangs open in surprise. Then she says, ‘April Fool!’, grabs the cocoa, droplets splattering over the edge onto the floor, and races upstairs. ‘But it’s 2nd April today,’ I mutter to myself, ‘isn’t it?’ I return to my laptop and check the date. It reads 2nd April. ‘Dear God,’ I announce to an empty kitchen, ‘I’m going mad.’ I reach down and pack my mini laptop into my bag ready to take it with me so I can keep on writing novel number two while we’re on holiday. From upstairs, a shriek sounds. ‘The cat’s brought in a mouse!’ yells the eldest. I sigh and shout that I’m on my way.


2 thoughts on “April Fools jokes end up in some mild mannered madness”

  1. Nikki thank you so much for visiting my blog and and leaving a message. It is nice to meet you too. This writing thing is new to me. I am just “learning” to let go and write what I really want to write without fear. Posting excerpts allowed me to get feedbacks and gain confidence as the project evolves but while reading the post from WordPress today, I got an idea that might help me get more of a response from readers when I begin my seconds draft…I’ll tell you more about it once I I’m there. In the meantime, I will follow your blog to see if you tell us how your holiday went…


    1. Hi Steve. Got up early this morning and saw your comment – made me smile. Thanks for following me back. This writing lark kind of takes over your life, I find! What got you into writing? I’ll be sticking a blog post on this morning after our hols – it was a great break but back in the saddle now. Going to have a go at upping the blog anty next week, following all the good advice that’s out there. Great meeting you!


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