My Weekend column: Quick! Someone get that Rihanna a coat.

Welcome to “Monday is the new Saturday” where I pop the link to my Weekend magazine column ‘The Last Word’ from the Gloucestershire Citizen and Echo…

In my Weekend column on Saturday I took a look, if you will, at Rihanna. She’s the talk of Year 6 – and for all the wrong reasons. Put a coat on her, quick!

I’ve stuck the column on my Citizen column page here so you can have a read.

You can also catch me each week on the Citizen and Echo Weekend magazine website. I don’t run away fast. The Weekend magazine comes out every Saturday. 

Got kids? Are they influenced by singers and celebrities? Or are we all just getting older and should stop yaffling?

**Look out for Wednesday Wafflings on, um, Wednesday, where I post my weekly entry in my Diary of a Hopeful Author**


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