Random Ramblings: Mitt & Barack could do I’m A Celebrity if they lose. Vote now!

It’s Random Ramblings, a new ad-hoc post where I take a wry look at politics and popular culture, and give my opinion on a hot topic of the day. Like, today, I come up with an ingenious solution to Barack or Mitt potentially losing the US election…

Right, Barack, look. I know it’s an election, dude, but listen, if you don’t win, if that bloke Romney packs his binder full of voting women and takes it all the way to the White House, then fear not! I have a solution. Well, not me personally, but, bizarrely, a British MP does. Namely, a certain Nadine Dorries.

For it has been announced today that Nadine is to enter – indeed she’s in Australia NOW (watch out) – TV’s I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. She will be the first serving – that’s right, serving – British Member of Parliament to go on the programme. You know those moments when your jaw hits the floor?

Yes, Nadine Dorries, the self-styled ‘Bridget Jones of Westminster’ (her words, not mine) is currently on route to jungle. She will be spending two weeks of her time starring on a TV programme, eating scorpions and kangaroo’s wotsits, as opposed to serving the people in her Mid-Bedfordshire constituency.

But wait! Worried that this woman may be shirking her parliamentary responsibilities? Concerned that she’s having a right old sunny jolly while back in the UK we are struggling to pay the rising fuel bills in the winter? Well, fear no more because the woman is there to raise issues. Honest.  Nadine has been quoted saying that she is taking part in I’m a Celebrity so she can ‘raise awareness about issues such as reducing abortion time from 24 to 20 weeks.’ Oh, thank you, Nadine! Thank you so much for trying to single handily reduce women’s rights AND make out like we’re all free-loading, lazy Bridgets who love the media limelight and be damned with work. Who needs women’s equality anyway?  Sooo overrated. Anyway, right, if you don’t work you can go on benefits, yeah? Oh, wait. No. The coalition government are cutting welfare…Oh well.

So, you see Barack, or (please God) Mitt? If you lose the USA elections today, you have no worries. A fall back plan is in place, trail-blazed by Nadine/Bridget! You don’t have to concern your selves talking about creating a fairer US healthcare system or wax lyrical on reducing unemployment rates. Nope.  You now only have to shout one thing and one thing alone to be a successful politician – I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here! God help us all.

Vote now!

2 thoughts on “Random Ramblings: Mitt & Barack could do I’m A Celebrity if they lose. Vote now!”

  1. Ah, good old Etch-A-Sketch Romney! You, if we really wanted to send him on reality TV, instead of “So you think you can dance” we could send him on “So you think you can evade taxes”!
    But if he gets elected (please lord no) instead of “America’s got talent” we could send him on “America got latent”!

    Good Election day to all!


    1. Love it! Just spat my tea right out laughing then. Etch-a-sketch Romney? Classic. please, PLEASE, let Obama win. PLEASE!! On another note, enjoying your blog, matey. off to read now..


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