My Citizen & Echo column: Yes, ok, Rob Lowe looks good, but do all TV stars have to look so perfect?

Welcome to “Monday is the new Saturday” where I pop the link to my Weekend magazine column ‘The Last Word’ from the Gloucestershire Citizen and Echo…This week’s Monday post is on a Tuesday because Monday in the UK was a Bank Holiday, which meant, instead of working, I was painting (destroying) the bathroom, drinking Chablis, and having (watching husband cook) a bar-b-que – in that order.


My Weekend column on Saturday was all about TV stars and how, in this day, in this age of flaws and reality, do they have to look, like Rob Lowe and The West Wing crew, so darn perfect? I’ve stuck the column on my Citizen column page here so you can have a read.

You can also catch me each week on the Citizen and Echo Weekend magazine website. There’s lots of other lovely weekend stuff on there, too.

The Citizen & Echo Weekend magazine comes out every Saturday.

Perfect TV faces or not? Who’s your fave TV star? Or, let’s be honest, does it not matter one jot? Let me know.

**Look out for Wednesday Wafflings on, um, Wednesday, where I post my weekly entry in my Diary of a Hopeful Author**


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