Gazette column: It’s time the Tories stopped blaming the poor

It’s “Thursday Thoughts” (today out on a Friday…) where I post my weekly Gazette newspaper column to my blog so you can have a read…

This week my column for the Gloucestershire Gazette is about the bedroom tax and food banks, and why, with recent outbursts on the subjects by Conservative politicians, it’s time the Tories stopped blaming the poor.

To read it, simply click to my Column page.

What do you think? Are those on the breadline being lampooned or are they responsible for their own situation? Let me know.

**Look out for  Wednesday Wafflings next, well, Wednesday, where I post the latest entry in My Diary of a Hopeful Author**

2 thoughts on “Gazette column: It’s time the Tories stopped blaming the poor”

  1. Its a bit sad, I’m sure, but never mind the Tories, I’, having trouble finding any politician I admire. I used to be much more naïve about these things and cheer political parties along as if they were football teams, but as I watch the party in Westminster have such little effect on the lives around me, I do wonder if they could all be replaced by robots, and at a much cheaper cost


    1. Politicians as robots? Now there’s a thought for the future. We did have, in our area, one of the few genuine MPS – David Drew – who was in it for all the right reasons i.e. to help people, but he was beaten (by a Conservative) in the last election. Huge, huge shame. I do think many politicians are in it for the power. Once they get in the Westminster bubble, it’s like they get sucked up and come out all power-mad, forgetting real people actually exist. So yes – robots. Good stuff! Have a great weekend.


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