Gazette column: Pick up the poop, dog owners

It’s “Thursday Thoughts” where I post my weekly Gazette newspaper column to my blog so you can have a read…

This week my column for the Gloucestershire Gazette is about dog poop, or, more specifically, the picking up of it right outside a school.

To read it, simply click to my Column page.

What do you think? Let me know.

**Look out for  Wednesday Wafflings next, well, Wednesday, where I post the latest entry in My Diary of a Hopeful Author**

3 thoughts on “Gazette column: Pick up the poop, dog owners”

    1. Thanks for the comment – great to hear from you. I’ve never heard of the waymarking thing. Sounds utterly awful! Mind you, what can be done to stop people from doing this? I think the best bet is information. The more offending dog owners realise the harm dog mess can – and is – actually doing, hopefully the more likely they would be to think twice before leaving the poop, quite literally, hanging around. Take care. Nikki.


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