NEW POST: Top five writing tips #amwriting

Welcome to my new post: Top 5 writing tips!top5

How’s you? You like change, right? Well, me too. And so to this new post. Top 5 writing tips is here to  replace my previous ‘Diary of a hopeful author’ a) because tis time for, you know, a change, and b) I’m so busy (disorganised) this is a quicker route to me still blogging to you.

The reason, though, for this change malarky, is good. Honest. My thriller book The Spider In The Corner Of The Room is due out next Spring/Summer 2015 around the world, and my head is absorbed in writing book 2 now of the trilogy. But not a lass to forget anyone, I had to rethink the blog thing so I could, well, keep in touch. And, ta-da! Enter the top 5 tips. See? Hmmm….

So, every Wednesday, I’ll attempt to post my top 5 writing tips of the week related to where I am in my own writing process, sort of. You get the idea. I’ll give each tip post a theme, basically, and hope it gives you a literary leg up, as it were. So, without further a do, here goes on the first one. Cue drum roll…


TOP 5 WRITING TIPS: Writer’s block

Stuck in a writing rut & can’t get out of your funk? Me too! Here’s my top 5 tips on how to get your writing mojo back….

  1. Get out! Go on. Go! Sometimes just getting some fresh air can reboot the brain, helps you think through ideas. I like a run…
  2. Tell yourself positive things. Keep saying ‘I can’t do this?’ Stop! Now. You hear? Now write down positive stuff that you can keep referring to, like ‘Yes, I can’ (thanks, Barack) or, ‘If others can, so can I’. You get the idea.
  3. Just write anything. And I mean anything. We try to get it right first time, but that’s not really required. It’s easy to edit a full page of words than a blank one. Who cares if it sucks first time round? Mine always does. So just get it out then edit later. That can sometimes kick start things.
  4. End the day in the middle of a scene. This will maintain momentum, even leaving an unfinished sentence can kickstart the next day’s writing.
  5. Give yourself a break. If all else fails, walk away, come back later. Just like an athlete, too much training will wear you out. Take a break, regroup, have a party – whatever it takes – then go back. You’ll feel refreshed. And perhaps slightly hungover. You’re welcome!


Any top tips on writer’s block? Great! Share them with the group!



**Out tomorrow “Thursday Thoughts” where I post my latest Gazette newspaper column to my blog…**

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