I have a new website


Hey there folks! Long time, no natter. How the devil are you?

I bring you good news today: I have a new website. Yup, as promised, a new, spooky, sparkly website has been created by the fine folk at Square One, and the site rocks. It pre-empts the launch in the UK, on 4th June, of my debut psychological conspiracy thriller, The Spider in the Corner of the Room, and it’s where I’ll be blogging from now on.

So, if you fancy it, hot foot it to the new site at nikkiowenauthor.com and, if you sign up to the updates box, you could be in with a chance of winning a signed first edition copy of Spider. Whoop!

Thanks again for following the blog – and hope you LOVE the new one.

Nikki x

PS Spider and the Project trilogy have been bought in book deals around the world, so look out for a launch near you.

PPS Look out for the acknowledgements in Spider for a mention to my blog buddies…


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