Want to know what I write in my Morning Pages? Here you go… #amwriting


Welcome to my weekly ‘Diary of a hopeful author.’ Here’s a sneak peak into what I write in my Morning Pages…

I’m off for a while. A break. A small one, but it gets to a point sometimes – and I don’t know whether you find this – that you need a wee bit of time away from technology and the day job and just, well, chill.

So for the next few weeks, that’s me – trying to clear my mind. But, as a writer, I’ll have with me my pen and notebook, scribbling my morning pages in the shadow of big, snowy mountains. Morning pages to me are a bit of a saviour. I know I’ve written about them before – and you may have tried them yourself – but it really helps to write in the morning anything that enters into you head. It’s therapeutic I find, a way of keeping the drama on the page – a way of listening to what you have to say. And that’s what writing is about, essentially – listening.

So, I thought I’d let you have a sneak peek into what walks out of my head on to the page some mornings. Unsurprisingly, I end up writing a lot about the day time, the rise of it, the sun and all that entails. Here, below,  for you, is an unedited copy of what I wrote a few days ago when I woke up at 6am, downing strong coffee. It’s basically painting a picture with words of what I could literally see from the window that day, the weather, the feelings it created, ears and eyes open, listening to the words that wanted to speak.

Here’s to us and our glorious morning pages. Have a great few weeks. I’ll catch up with you soon  🙂

My Morning Pages, March 26th, 2016

“A halo of blue light rests on the horizon beyond, a thin silk band of shimmering brightness, fragile under the burgeoning weight of the heavy, grey clouds above.

Morning has begun. But the sun is quiet. Hidden behind an artist’s wash of black and navy and marbled pewter, the sun struggles to punch out, settling, instead, to whisper through the sky, to skim paint brushes of buttercup yellow in small, secret lines across the horizon.

The trees that stand tall at the bottom of the garden are still. A gentle wind breathing in and out, they appear relatively untouched by the looming rain that threatens to charge from above, the birches and the ancient oaks saluting the morning as solid and stoic as perhaps an old grandfather would, medals on his chest in the face of an unwelcome intruder.

The rain comes now, tapping at the window panes. Only a few seconds pass until, clouds parting in biblical waves, it lashes down in great big streaks across the glass and the concrete and the petals of leaves that scatter along unpruned borders, squirrels huddling in bowing groups under the wide umbrellas of the trees.

The sky, right now, has morphed to a dirty dish cloth wash,  a soup of wet and damp and upturned, pungent soil. And yet, even through all this, the birds sing. They announce their presence through short, intermittent voices, small radio transmissions of song and sound, their dedication to the day. Light, carefree, their dance to the sun that lies kidnapped behind mottled, clotted clouds.

And as they sing, one slip of blue sky sneaks past. One glorious, warm ray.  It blinkers bright,  a single slither of pure determination, of defiance and rebellion as if shouting, ‘Come what may, the day will win!’ For, of course, it always does.”

Thanks for reading 🙂 Share your own thoughts from your own Morning Pages below…

4 thoughts on “Want to know what I write in my Morning Pages? Here you go… #amwriting”

  1. TOTALLY agree with you Nikki (about needing a break from technology, etc, I mean!) My mobile phone broke recently, and it has been the best couple of weeks in ages, not being able to respond to messages instantly and just forgetting where I’ve left it, living without it for a while. Am still struggling with the morning pages though, as I am so NOT an early morning person, but I have read more (just for pleasure!) and have started loads more short pieces and formed ideas while my brain has been ‘resting’, so I guess that still counts!! Have a great break x

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    1. Hey Kate! Cheers, honey. Just popped a comment on that exact post of yours 🙂 Twas a jolly good one. Love being online, but, as with anything in life, a break is good, so when you return, you’re refreshed, recharged and ready to go. Have a fab week xx

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  2. Thanks for sharing your morning pages! I’ve been doing them for about 2 1/2 years and find them to be a great way to clear my head and sort through whatever is on my mind before I get into the day. Sometimes I get waylaid but I find the time somehow to do them daily. I’m sure it has saved my sanity at times, and it has been really beneficial for my creative writing. This week I had half a short story written, woke up on Thursday with an idea for the rest of it, tested it out in my morning pages and it was just right. Thanks again for sharing yours!


    1. Hey there! Cheers fr the comment – and so great to hear you do your morning pages! Glad it’s helping you. Don’t know what I’d do without them! Happy writing and hope it all goes great. Nikki 🙂

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