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Parents: An amazing story book on disability that every child should read

9781781322031_100dpiHad the utter joy of meeting my wonderful friend (who I met this year at Hawkesbury Lit Fest) Jo Allmond today – one half of the Jess the Goth Fairy books. Jo, along with her amazing, talented daughter (and also my very good friend) Jess, have written a series of books for children that encourage understanding of disability through beautiful, fairy flying fiction. If you have young kids, I’d urge you to get them these books – not only do they foster understanding of difference, they are delightfully written and beautifully illustrated – and would make the most wonderful TV series! It’s an amazing story book series on disability that every child should read
I’ve popped the link for you below, plus a few pics of Jo, Jess – and of course, the fairy 🙂

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The Killing Files is up for review – and it’s scary!

The Killing Files
Here’s the cover – what do you think? Like?

I’VE HAD MY HEAD DOWN, WRITING MY THIRD BOOK, NOT BLOGGING AT ALL – SO SORRY. It’s been so busy – my second book in the Project trilogy is out in the UK on 2nd June next week, and the first one, Subject 375, is out in the USA (!!) this summer.

So, amid all this, I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who’s reviewed The Killing Files so far. It’s so scary when you first put your work out in the world – I’ve been working all hours on deadlines and so I was nearly in tears of relief this morning when the good reviews started to come in. So to all who’ve reviewed The Killing Files so far, are due to – and to all the fab, fab book site admin folk – this message is for you. As publication date looms next week on 2nd June (!!), from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU xx

PS. Happy writing – I’ll be back soon, blogging with writing advice 🙂

PPS. Ooo, before I forget: to get a Net Galley UK review copy, you can request one here. To pre-order The Killing Files, nip here. All reviews are mighty welcome! USA & Canada: I’ll blog as soon as I have a publication date set.