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It’s Media Monday: Katy Perry to be in comic form – but who would you be?

It’s Media Monday where I post my latest views on writing & publishing news…  Writing news

Have you ever imagined yourself as a comic character? Batman? Catwoman? Dennis the Menace? Well now, like a massive POW! punch, the comic book Fame will be turning the multi-award winning singer Katy Perry into her very own comic book character. Take that, Catwoman! (not that Catwoman’s my comic character of choice or anything…)

Ms.Perry follows in a long line of celebrities that have had their lives turned into comic form by the popular biography comic series. Fame, owned by Blue Water Productions, has also over the years transformed the faces and bodies of pop tween, Justin Beiber, Apple’s Steve Jobs and Hunger Games author Suzanne Collins. Katy’s

Katy Perry
Katy Perry – here’s lookin’ at you, comic kid!

comic biography will hit the shelves in July 2012 via Amazon, and while it’s a natural transition for Ms.Perry whose live stage shows follow a comic theme, from her blue hair to elaborate costumes, it highlights one main point: that most of us have such ordinary lives that even a comic version of them wouldn’t make them interesting. Can you imagine it? Headline: Mum take the kids to school [picture of mum, hair like a bird’s nest, kids not even with their shoes on yet]. Yawn. Or how about: [picture: mum and dad on the sofa] dad speech bubble: “How much is it for a baby sitter? Mum: “£6 an hour”. Dad: “DVD night at home it is then.” Yup, that’s the extent of the excitement of our everyday lives. No major music shows, no appearing on TV, no celebrity parties (unless you count Barney’s On Stage Christmas Show). Instead there’s just figuring out what to make the kids for dinner and wondering how you’re going to get out of mowing the lawn at the weekend.

Still, at least when we get bored, we know have the Fame comics to brighten our average days. Because, while most of our hours and weeks are pretty humdrum, like a life painted wall to ceiling in magnolia it sometimes needs a bit of colour! And what better way to see a celebrity in a comic to jazz things up! Who needs that friday night TV dinner and a bottle of house red when you can have a celebrity life to read about! In a comic! See, things aren’t so bad, are they?

So, good luck to Fame comic, Bluewater Productions and of course the lovely Katy Perry (who does seem jolly nice). She may have kissed a girl and liked it – and now she can read about it too! Now, where’s my Catwoman mask…

So, if you were a comic character, who would you be? What would a comic say about your life? And who would publish it?

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