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#fridayreads: My review of Husk by J.K. Messum…

fiction-fridayWelcome to Fiction Friday.

This week’s fiction gives you my review of Husk by J.K.Messum (Penguin £8.99)

Alright, I have to fess up here – I know Jamie. Okay, so not know him – I’ve never met him, as yet, but virtually, we have chatted, and by that I mean over social media. Let me assure you – I am not his stalker. We are, instead, friends via  the same literary agency we share, PFD.

So, you would think, given that bias, that any review I give herehusk would be coloured by loyalty to my fellow author, but you’d be wrong. Because, I cannot tell you how cracking this novel of Jamie’s is, I mean seriously rocking.

A kind of dystopian setting, it centres round Rhodes – and Rhodes is a ‘Husk’. A Husk, see, is, an illegal, controversial and highly lucrative job where people rent out control of their bodies and minds to the highest bidder. I know right? In the world the book paints, being a Husk is a sure way to gain a better life, but some of the people who rent out Rhodes’ body go too far and often he wakes up with scars. Cue a sinister story and clever plot.

Normally, this kind of genre is not for me, but I had to read Husk. Jamie won an award for his first novel, Bait (the Arthur Ellis Award For Best First Novel 2014), and I can see why he got the acclaim. I have no idea, even as a writer myself, how Jamie came up with this whole Husk, rent out bodies premise (maybe I shouldn’t ask…?), but boy what an imagination. Gripping from page one, no wonder it’s been optioned for an international TV series. Would be great on screen as well as the page.

So this Friday, go by Husk.  And if that hasn’t wet your appetite then Jamie’s cracking trailer made by publishers Penguin, no less, will…