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#Piggate has forced Cameron to show his true colours


I’m sitting, right now, in a cafe in Stroud and there’s one thing everyone’s talking about: Pig Gate. Everyone’s having a right old laugh. ‘Have you seen this?” one weary old chap says, holding aloft a newspaper. There’s a huge grin on his face. ‘This is the Cameron thing I was telling you about.”

Okay, so Stroud is a bit leftie, well, a LOT, leftie, but here’s the thing: Cameron is showing his true colours. In the week that has brought us revelations from Lord Ashcroft about his former mate’s past (alleged ‘situations’  with pigs, fox-hunting to name but two ‘events’)

UK Prime MInister David Cameron
UK Prime MInister David Cameron 

it has become apparent – like we needed it pointing out – that David Cameron’s facade is an utter lie. Man of the people? Well, it depends what people we are talking about here, and that’s always been the point. Sure, him and Osborne try to depict themselves as ‘one of us’ but no amount of public pasty eating or meeting refugees on the back foot or smiling with babies is going to convince us folk at the coal face that this Tory government has the foggiest about what it’s like to live life where you have to watch what you spend or, heaven forbid, have consideration – true consideration – for others.

Ironic that all this has come to light right after the down to earth Corbyn became Labour leader last week in what was a true breath of fresh air for UK political life. Look, I’m not saying that those of money and traditional privilege don’t or can’t fathom what life is like for others – there are truly amazing people out there from all walks of life. Yet, David Cameron, it seems, has done little to truly empathise with those from different socio economic groups. Sure, he’s been elected again, but on what grounds? It’s just a matter of time before his facade entire washes out, and the old, life-weary bloke at the table in a Stroud cafe starts smirking again to himself  before dropping off some provisions to the local Foodbank.

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Why Corbyn needs no spin doctors

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The thing about Jeremy Corbyn is that he’s not a media man. If he were Pepsi he’d be Pepsi lite. Nope, scratch that he’d be an organic, pressed elderflower juice with no added sugars. And, see, that’s what I like about Corbyn, that’s what we all seem to like, those on the red side of the political zone – the fact that this man thinks the meaning of ‘spin doctor’ is someone who cures ailments by twizzing you around until you feel sick.

Jeremy Corbyn – new UK Labour Party leader. A man who needs no media.

So why this morning are the politicos calling for Corbyn to ‘get a media team around him.’ Why? That, like wearing a fleece with heels,  would be a catastrophic error, because it is the sheer fact that he has no media spin team, that Corbyn says what he thinks, is a conviction politician, a man of his word, that he won the Labour leadership in the first place. Tony Benn once said there are weather cocks and sign posts for politicians – Jeremy Corbyn is a solid sign post.

Look, if  you’re one of the doubters, if you don’t believe me, if you think Corbyn is having no effect on the masses at all, then listen to this. I was walking through my home town of Stroud yesterday and overheard a group of 17-year-old lads discussing just why they like Corbyn. They said he was ‘a breath of fresh air’ and that he was worth listening to. Now how often do your hear a bunch of young lads discussing politics on the street? Quite.

Corbyn is no spin doctor. He’s just human, a man of his word, a true political sign post. After all the expense scandals and lip service and downright lies of the past, his fresh approach is  just what we need. He’s a normal bloke – and that’s why we damn well like him.

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