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Hoverboarding – the new mid-life crisis solution?


Welcome to Midlife Crisis, a new magazine-style column of a very real account of being over forty and sliding into a midlife mud pool.

Hoverboards. They’re a thing, right, grooving along the high ways, Marty in Back to the Future style. It’s like all my dreams come true – until I try one. It is a blooming nightmare. No one, see tells you when you get older how downright hard it is to, well,move, basically. Hoverboarding, see is like surfing, and yes, I seem to suck at that. Me and my daughter went for a surfing lesson in the Gower last year and we both got on the board and guess who fell off

Hoverboarding - it's a thing
Hoverboarding – it’s a thing. Anyone? Nope.

first and, basically, every time she got on the board (when I did, you know, finally stand up on it, that is…)? And don’t get me started on the wetsuit. Let’s just say when you’ve had two kids, wetsuits aren’t high on your list of ideal fashion items.

Getting older see, is, like bright pink lipstick, a shocker. We creak, we ache, we try to do things that someone twenty years younger can and, yes, while sometimes we do make it, it takes us longer to get there and way longer to recover.

But should that stop us? Should we wave the white flag to our ageing years and give up? Not likely. In a recent poll of 2,000 middle agers, it was revealed a third felt the stereotypical image of a midlife crisis was completely outdated. Indeed, a quarter felt the term was just a cliché, mind you, more than half (56 per cent) of men confessed they are likely to undergo a ‘lifestyle overhaul’ when hitting their mid-forties.

As for me and the mid-life thing, nah – I’m not going down without a fight. I’m only in my early forties – I’ve got some considerable living it up time left and I intend to use it.  I swim, ski, run, complete in triathlons, all be it, well, (a lot) slower. So yeah, middle-age, maybe I’ll give this hoverboard thing I shot – I loved Marty McFly. And, hey, maybe I’ll get to love A&E just as much…

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Diary of a hopeful author: I’m chasing the real dream

It’s “Wednesday Wafflings” when I post the latest entry in my Diary of a Hopeful Author…Photo of a Diary

I do love a dream. What’s not to love about a dream? Good stuff happens in dreams, great stuff, stuff that, in your regular every day, moment-to-moment movements and routines and bill-paying tasks, would never ever occur. Like flying without a plane, or scoring a cracking goal or, in my case, last night, being an awesome surfer (don’t ask. Actually do. And my answer would be that my daughter wants me to take her surfing this weekend and I’m slightly scared. The dream surf was nice. I rocked.)

Thing is, dreams end when you open your eyes. In a way. There is, of course, the line of argument that your dreams should always stay with you. To this, of course, there is only one answer – they should, but only when those dreams are real, are reflections of what you actually want from life, what you really, really wish you had/did/were. And for those dreams to come about, to step out of your sleepy head and morph into living wonder, you need one thing: reality.

Let me stick this in context. My dream is being a massively successful author. This summer just gone has been a step towards that. I have, now, a literary agent, an event that bowled me over so much that instead of jumping and whooping (like I had dreamed), I gave one smile then got on with what had to be done. And now, how is the dream as I am in touching distance of it, as I am working with my brilliant agent (still weird saying that) and amazing editor as we shape my novel to be the very best it can be for publishers to read?  It is real. That’s what it is. It is, right now, all very real and very hard work, and, at times, is pushing me to think things through in a way I never have before, in a way only experienced people like agents and editors can help you do.

Because that is the reality of the dream. When you’ve blinked awake and realized that, even though you’re not asleep, you can still actually see your dream, see the thing you’ve wanted for so long. The reality of the dream is that you have to work hard. Really, really hard. It’s like the saying goes, ‘You can’t have the rainbow without a little rain.’ And that’s me, right now, working hard through the rain to make that rainbow appear. Or, in this case, a big publishing deal.

Turns out, this weekend, the forecast on the coast is for rain, pattering, British rain. But I’ll still go surfing with my daughter, because, like she said with a shrug at the weather report, ‘When you go surfing you’re in the sea so you get wet anyway.’  Too, right, honey. So I may fall off (lots), I may only be able to stand for five (two) seconds on the board, but I’ll be living the dream. The real dream.


Out tomorrow “Thursday Thoughts” where I post my latest Gazette newspaper column to my blog…**