I’m an #AmazonRisingStar for 2015.

Spider-in-the-Corner-of-the-Room-CoverBig news this week: Amazon have selected me as one of there Rising Stars for 2015. I know – who knew?

So, naturally, had to share the news on the blog with you guys. The selection is for my new book – The Spider in the Corner of the Room – out worldwide in all good bookshops on 4th June.

Not plugging this or anything (plugging it), but you can pre-order now. The link’s below. Spider is the first in a trilogy about Dr Maria Martinez, a plastic surgeon with Asperger’s who find herself in prison for the murder of a Catholic priest, only she has no memory of the murder.

So, thank you, great blogger, for following me all this time. We are all #teamspider. Hell yeah.

Pre-order Spider here


3 thoughts on “I’m an #AmazonRisingStar for 2015.”

  1. Do you know how happy I am for you? I know it’s been a while since our last exchange but I have been following the evolution of your project and I get excited for you at every single step. I hope you are enjoying every moment of it because it is the result of your talent, determination and hard work. It didn’t just fall on your lap.

    Long ago, you wrote on your blog that you once wondered to your husband if you would one day be able to live off of your writing! You’re there!

    I’ll keep following you on your adventure and know that your success will be my happiness!



    1. Steve! Absolutely fantastic to hear from you, buddy. How are you? Thanks for the too kind words – it’s all still very surreal this end. I looked up your blog just before xmas but couldn’t access it. What you up to writing wise these days? Hope all’s going well – used to like catching up with your next instalments.

      Massive thanks for all the natters and chats we had via the blog when I was in the depths of seeing if this book would work. Def let keep in touch. Hope all goes great for you over in Canada.

      Take care,

      Nikki x


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